Friday, February 20, 2009

In The Hands of The Angels

It has been a week of discoveries and changes. I don't take well to change at all. There is something in me that resists it. I will live with a bad situation rather than move to change it. It is not laziness that holds me back but fear of what is ahead. I can see the good that will come from this change and yet I still hold back , I will backtrack as hard and as fast as I can to avoid the change. I should take my own advice and leave it in the the loving hands of The Lord and His Angels. But that takes too much bravery and I am a real wimp.

I have done the same job for years and years. I have loved it so much. Not every moment because it has had it's downside and challenges. But enough to stay with it and know it was a job that gave me so much joy and pleasure. I was able to teach others to do what I could never do myself and to watch them achieve has been so wonderful. But now there must be an end to it. I must pass the baton on to others who will move forward and be even better. But I don't know how to release this and move forward. It is saddening me and bringing me down.

How do you let go of something you love so much? How do you believe that something better is still out there , waiting for you ?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I now have Reiki!

I had my final attunements today and I can now act as a channel for Reiki. It is a most wonderful experience. I used it today and I was amazed that I could not only feel the flow of energy but I could pick up on where it was most needed by the person I was channeling it to.

I think being able to use Reiki on myself is one of my main interests. I want to see if it really does have an impact on various health problems. Is it a case of mind does affect body or is it a case of ' it is just air'. I know that the Reiki treatments I have received have helped me but I am interested to see if I am able to create the same effect on myself.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am working on my Reiki first degree and will finish on Sunday. Reiki. Universal Life-Force energy.
I love the thoughts that accompany the reiki:

Just for today:
Just for today I will not be angry
Just for today I will not worry
Just for today I will show appreciation
Just for today I will work hard (on myself)
Just for today I will be kind to others.

Of course, just for today means every day but it is much easier to try to live up to those ideals when you only have to do it 'Just for today'.

I also like the poem Dr Usui taught his students.

The Wave
One moment stormy
The next it is calm
The wave in the ocean
Is actually
Just like the human exsistance
I love the peace I feel when I have a reiki treatment and I look forward to being able to be a channel for others to experience the same peace. I also have been told that it has the ability to raise the spiritual awareness as we will vibrate at a higher level. That would be so wonderful, a beautiful gift.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angels and Angel Card Readings.

I read angels cards for people. They always seem to be so insightful, so correct for the person for whom I read them. Whatever the question that is asked of the angels, no matter who it is for, the angels always provide what is needed.

I feel it so humbling that someone from another country can contact me, give me nothing but a name and a question and when I give them the reading they contact me again to tell me that what the message contained related to their situation so exactly and yet it is a situation that I had no knowledge of at all, no way of finding out beforehand. It is truely awe inspiring how Heaven works.

We all have Angels to watch over us but how many of us have actually stopped long enough to invite them into our lives. I picture them sitting around tables, playing cards until one of us suddenly asks them for help. Angels love to help us, they love to make our paths smoother. It doesn't mean that they will make our lives all perfect, with everything in the garden all rosey. No, that is not their purpose. We are here on this earth to learn our lessons and the angels are here to help us. We all have free will so it means that we don't always listen to the voice of our angels as they try and guide us to do what is right. Heaven does give us choices and those choices will lead us down the path revealed once we have chosen. The angels will guide us and help us all they can but we have to listen for they won't and don't force us to do anything against our will. The buck stops firmly with us. They will and do support us , providing us with unconditional love at the same time. Why not invite the angels into your life and see the difference.

All angels have names, from the unusual to the down right homely. My angel is called John. Sit in peace and quiet and ask your angel to come into your life. Ask his/her name and listen intently for you will hear a name either in your head or it will be a name that keeps coming up - in songs, in conversations, books. Speak to your angel using his/her name and always thank them in advance for their help. And help they do, from finding you a parking space where none is apparent to reminding you to take the pie out of the oven before it burns to far more serious matters. Ask them and thank them and enjoy what they will bring to your life.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Reiki, the flow of universal energy. I shall be working with my Reiki Master next week. Having received Reiki myself I am so looking forward to having my attunement and then being able to help other people as I have been helped.

Reiki is amazing. You don't even have to believe it can work for it to work. The sense of calmness it gives is wonderful. My first experience left me feeling very depressed. Reiki works from the inside out, it heals inwardly and this can be very disconcerting. It is a bit like putting a whole bunch of fruit in a blender then whizzing it around, everything is all mixed and muddled, then you strain the bits out.

My second session was totally different, I was aware of such peace and tranquility. I felt like my depression was just lifting out of my head and floating away.Every time the practitioner touched me, the heat from her hands was intense, almost burning when I touched her hands in curiosity, I found they were icy cold.

My third session gave me surprise and delight for my long locked away psychic abilities started opening up and I was aware of things that I should not have known about. My spiritual journey moves on.

Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Do you believe in reincarnation? As I have been exploring these things I have been told several times that I am an 'old soul' , that I have 'been here before' . It idea behind this thinking is very similar to the Buddhist ideas that we relive our lives over and over until we get things right. Another train of thought says that we are all in spirit in heaven and we choose lessons that we would like to learn in life. These choices are noted down in a book of records kept by the Archangel Michael. We are then born and move through life facing situations that will help us learn our chosen lessons and to improve on them. If we fail then after our earthly death, we are then 'reborn' as a baby and continue to have the needed lessons until we finally achieve what it is that we had chosen to learn.

Following this thinking, then it would be safe to assume that all that happens in our lives is not random but is an arranged process by which we hope to learn our lessons. Those who have absolute belief in these ideas also think that we chose to face these happenings and planned and agreed to them before birth. It is an interesting concept although I am not sure that people would really agree in advance to face some events of life that are all to often to horrific to contemplate.