Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So much happening

So much has been happening to me that to come here to post was completely beyond me. I ended up feeling very low, the depression really just beat me down but know I am getting well again, able to fight back. I still am facing the health problems that are slowly robbing me of my ability to my job, the one I love so much. Maybe something new will come for me. I shall ask the Divine and wait to see what doors will open for me.

Spiritually I am moving forward at a good pace. I still do angel card readings for those who ask and I am always delighted when people tell me how accurate they prove to be. Evidence that the Divine is guiding me. I still work with Spirit but not sure that , as a 'Sensitive', I prefer that term to that of medium, I want to go on platform. Every reading I have tells me it is what I am meant to do but I still feel my path lies elsewhere. Maybe spirit is right and I am supposed to use my gifts that way but for me the healing draws me more.