Sunday, July 19, 2009

An more is learnt in circle

I learn more and more as I sit in Circle. And I have become hungry! The more I learn, the more I want to know. There is so much out there that I would love to have the answers to.

After the prayers that start our journey together, we do meditiation. I thought I would never let my mind quieten enough to do this but I am getting so much better . In my last meditation, my darling love came to me and I could see him so clearly, hear his voice and feel his touch. He was so real. It was wonderful to talk to him. He told me he had the answers I was searching for , all of them. He also told me that I needed to find them for myself and that I would be guided, to trust my guide and my angels. Then he smiled and was gone. I miss him so much from my life but know he is safe and happy where he is and, when Heavenly Father wills it, we will be together once more.

There was much talk of the gifts Heavenly Father has given us and their correct use. That we must work on the Spiritual laws. The last one, of unconditional love, will be the hardest to follow. In my next post I shall list the laws and say which ones I am working on , then I can post my successes and failures.

Be Blessed.

Depression is just the pits

I am through the worst now but depression is just the pits. One moment you are in sunshine and next you feel like all the happiness has been sucked out of your life. My friends say it is because I take on everyone else's problems but they don't understand that it is because I choose to. Why should I ignore another persons pain when just a few words of comfort can lighten their load. I think we will never agree on what I believe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I sat in Circle

I have been invited to join a spiritual development circle and I went on Wednesday. I had sat a few times in Circle as a guest but never to take part. This was quite an experience. After prayers and meditation , we all sat in silence and tried to contact our guides. Several of the group managed to channel their guides through. I didn't believe what happened. I was sitting there thinking yeah, right as the guides came through then I started noticing the face of the woman bringing hers through. Her whole face altered, one side drooped like she had had a stroke, it was weird.

We then talked about the Spiritual laws. They really took my attention. If we all followed them then the world really would be a wonderful place to live. I shall post them separately at some point.

Circle closed with another short meditation and prayer and we all parted feeling at peace.